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Air Systems Air Compressors
Ambient Air Pumps
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Features :

2-Worker Air Pump
Model BAC-10

  • Maximum pressure 10psi at 9 cfm output, 9.5 cfm at 4psi

  • Electric motor; 3/4 HP, ODP, 100-115/208-230 VAC, 12.2/6.1 amps, 50/60 Hz, 1 phase

  • Prewired with on/off switch and plug 115 VAC

  • 0.5 - 0.7 micron inlet  and compressor filter

  • 0-30psi pressure gauge

  • 55 lbs.



    3-Worker Air Pump
    Model BAC-1

  • Maximum pressure 15psi at 12 cfm output, 15 cfm at 4psi

  • Can operates 2 hood style respirators or 3 tight fitting constant flow masks

  • Electric motor; 1 1/2 HP, TEFC, 115/208-230 VAC, 15.2/8.2 amps, 60 Hz, 1 phase

  • Prewired with on/off switch and plug 115 VAC

  • 0-30psi pressure gauge

  • 0.5 - 0.7 micron inlet  and compressor filter

  • Optional HEPA and/or carbon intake filter

  • Optional explosion-proof electric motor available Model BAC-17EXP

  • 96 lbs.



    3-Worker Air Pump
    Model BAC-

  • Maximum pressure 15psi at 16 cfm output, 20 cfm at 4psi

  • Operates 2 hood style respirators or 4 tight fitting constant flow masks

  • Electric motor; 2 HP, TEFC, 115/208-230 VAC, 20.0/10.0 amps, 60 Hz, 1 phase

  • Prewired with on/off switch and plug 115 VAC

  • 0.5 - 0.7 micron inlet  and compressor filter

  • 0-30psi pressure gauge

  • 103 lbs.




    Cool Air Compressor

    All air pumps deliver output air temperatures ranging between 140-189 degrees F.  The low cost solution to cool the pump's air is to order Air Systems' air pump mounted on the ASME Twin-Air tank/cart frame assembly.  Output air temperatures will be approximately 20 degree above the ambient temperature.  The system has large tires for ease of mobility and storage.  Each tank is supplied with a manual moisture drain valve.  A COOL-BOX can be ordered for additional cooling.


  • Maximum pressure 15psi at 16 cfm output, 20 cfm at 4psi

  • Optional HEPA intake filter

  • Optional CO monitor

  • 0.5 - 0.7 micron inlet  and compressor filter

  • 0-30psi pressure gauge

  • 150 lbs. without frame





    Model BAC-30RT30

    Air Systems offers two large, high volume, oilless compressors that deliver a maximum 15psi. These pumps operate only constant flow respirators.  Due to high output air temperatures, a small receiver tank or a COOL-BOX™ is recommended to provide cool air to the workers.  A six outlet manifold or straight pipe is supplied as standard.

    Optional CO Monitor available

  • Model BAC-10



    Model BAC-17






    Model BAC-20







    Cool Air Compressor











    Model BAC-30RT30

    Portable Breathing Air
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    Features :

    The Twin-Air  compressor system has been designed to provide Grade-D breathing air to 3 workers wearing pressure demand respirators. The TA-3 has twin ASME receiver tanks that act as the mounting frame for the compressor. The use of the ASME tank provides air that has been cooled to within 10 degrees of the ambient temperature. We've added full pneumatic tires for ease of mobility in rough terrain and a bottom skid plate for going up or down stairs. This plates becomes the frame for the addition of a reserve air cylinder on the model TA-3EA. Any 30-60 minute air cylinder can be installed on the TA-3 frame. With the addition of a pressure reducing regulator and an Auto-Air Breather Box, you now have a 3-worker compressor with full automatic backup air for IDLH operation. 



    TA-1 Compressor

    The TA-1 compressor has been designed to operate 1 constant flow hood style respirator and a vortex cooling tube or 2 pressure demand airline respirators.  Grade-D filtration must be provided in the form of a 1 or 2 man Breather Box.  The TA-1 uses a 115/230 VAC 60 Hz electrical supply and is available with an optional gasoline engine for mobile operations.





    The Auto-Air™ Compressor System Package
    The Auto-Air
    Compressor System Package is designed to provide automatic back-up air for up to 3 workers in the event of compressor failure. The package consists of the Auto-Air Breather Box, model BB30-COAA, the TA-3EA compressor supplied with a CGA-347 high pressure reducing regulator, primary and secondary hoses.  Optional 60 or 87cf cylinders can be installed on the compressor frame.

    • Rotary vane air compressor

    • Pressure range to 110 psi.

    • 2HP electric motor - 1750 rpm - continuous duty - thermal protection

    • 115 VAC/60 Hz - 17.2 amps - requires 20 amp service

    • Dimensions: 46"Lx24"Wx22"H

    • Weight: 150 pounds

    • Low maintenance - 500 hours between oil changes

    • 10" pneumatic tires

    • 50,000 hour minimum vane life

    • Optional explosion proof electric motor and switch (230/3VAC only)

    • Built in skid plate for stair climbing

    • USDA approved food grade oil in compression end

    • Automatic pressure unloading - full modulation air control

    • 8 gallon ASME coded tank assembly (approximate 8.5cf air storage @ 110psi)

    • 1/2" Hansen 5000 series socket discharge

    • Noise level of 70 dbA @ 3 feet

    • Requires the use of the Breather Box Grade-D filtration unit


    Explosion-Proof Auto-Air Compressor

    • 110psi output air pressure

    • Explosion-proof electric motor - 230 VAC, 3 phase

    • Explosion-proof on/off switch

    • 25ft. power cord, no plug (user supplied)

    • 3-worker operation - pressure demand respirators only

    • Full automatic back-up air feature - 4500psi capability

    • Pneumatic indicator and audible alarm for system failure

    • Intrinsically Safe carbon monoxide monitor, approved for use in Class I, Division 1, Groups C and D environments

    • Twin-Air tank design for cool breathing air output, ASME coded

    • Holds one, 87cf, 4500psi air cylinder for reserve egress air

    • Built in skid plate for stair climbing

    • Steel air control panel

    • Pneumatic 10" tires




































    The Cool-Box
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    Features :

    The Cool-Box™



    • Provides about 50 deg F output air temperature with input temperatures up to 180 deg F

    • Requires only ice for operation, 20 lbs. of ice provides 4 to 8 hours of operation

    • Manual condensate drain installed inside.

    • Attaches to any Grade-D compressed air source up to 150 psi inlet pressure

    • Adjustable pressure regulator, gauge, and safety relief valve installed

    • Entire unit is packaged in a rugged Igloo roller cooler with a fold down pull handle


    • Provides low cost air anywhere

    • Operates with any airline Type-C mask or hood style respirator

    • Ideal for cooling Level "A" chemical suits and air supplied hoods

    • Provides cool air for up to four workers

    • Eliminates the need and expense of noisy vortex cooling tubes

    • Designed and engineered for less than 2psi pressure drop in the system with flow capacities to 75cfm

    • Provides NIOSH point-of-attachment components and cooling in one package

    Please specify fittings when ordering.
    BACB-196   COOL-BOX™, rated to 150 psi max inlet pressure  NOT FOR USE WITH AMBIENT AIR COMPRESSORS
    BACB-196LP   COOL-BOX™, designed for use with ambient air compressors (0-20psi) maximum
    BACB-196K Conversion kit for any ambient air pump to operate the COOL-BOX™


    The Cool-Box™

    Plant Breathing Air
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    Features :

    Breathing Air Compressors


    Plant breathing air systems are designed to provide Grade-D breathing air for industrial applications. Remote air manifolds (POA's) would be needed at various work stations.

    The system pictured left includes our 135 cfm compressor, a 120 gallon ASME receiver tank, Air Systems' Grade-D filtration panel with our CO-91 series carbon monoxide monitor and a refrigerated air dryer.

    The entire filtration system is mounted on a steel fork lift frame assembly. This package configuration can be designed for most required flow (cfm) capacities and output pressures.


    Model BAC-HP135
    Skid-mounted Grade-D Breathing Air Package








    Model BACHP68-2

    Dual Air Tower Compressors with Auto Sequencing







    FLOW RANGE: 50CFM - 950CFM @ 100PSI








    Model BAC-HP135



    Model BACHP68-2



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